Television’s Chopping Block

It’s that magical and mysterious time of year where major networks CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and The CW are deciding which shows will live to see another season and which ones will take a trip to the television graveyard. 

I have to start with the most frustrating decision of all: Once Upon a Time was renewed for a seventh season. Why why why? This used to be one of my favorite shows. A high stakes drama about classic fairytale characters plucked out of the storybooks and into our modern and magic-free world? Yes please! But as seasons went on the plotlines got and grew more and more ridiculous. At this point I don’t even recognize it as the same show from 2011, and clearly I’m not alone. Between seasons 5 and 6, ratings have dropped by more than 30%. 3018emma-swan-season-2-with-sword-01Additionally, leading lady Jennifer Morrison recently announced that if Once should get renewed, she would not be coming back to play Emma Swan. In the current season, Emma Swan has been preparing to fight The Final Battle”. Once a show whips out the phrase “Final Battle”, you have to let that be the end. It was like when Supernatural had the villain of season 5 be the Devil… how are you going to top that?! (although it has been renewed for a season 13 by The CW, so hey what do I know)

In happier renewal news, NBC’s This Is Us was guaranteed not just one but TWO more seasons! I spoke in my last post about how much I love this show, and I’m so relieved that NBC has confidence in the writers to continue on the story of the Pearson family. My only concern is that we won’t find out how Jack died in season 2, but the characters are compelling enough to keep me waiting on that mystery (for now). I’m also thrilled that Fox has renewed So You Think You Can Dance for round 14! ellenore-jakob-contemporary-2d0be8e1d4d6c023_largeBecause I don’t know anybody who watches this show, I’m always worried that it’s going to get cancelled. But I’m always pleasantly surprised when it comes back. In a decision that fans are pretty divided on, ballroom expert and long-time judge Mary Murphy will be returning after taking a few seasons off. As Jason Derulo and Paula Abdul are departing, her and Nigel Lythgoe will be joined at the Judges Tables by a third unknown judge. Getting back to their roots seems to be a theme for the new season, as they are also going back to the original format. No more kids. No more “street vs stage”. Just a new top 10 paired with the All-Stars fans know and love. I haven’t been this excited for a SYTYCD season in years! All we need is Adam Shankman back as a judge and it will feel like 2008 again.

Saving the best (at least in my opinion) for last… The 100 was picked up for a season 5! I’m not going to delve too much into this one, because I have about 10 posts worth of feelings that I’ll grace you all with on another day. Suffice it to say, The 100 is objectively one of the best shows on television right now. lindsey-morgan-as-raven-reyes-in-the-100I can’t think of any other series outside the Superstar Pantheon (Breaking BadSopranos, Six Feet Under, etc) that has mastered the art of character development and storytelling as exceptionally as showrunner Jason Rothenberg has. Since the major arc of season 4 has been preparing for a radiation apocalypse (Praimfaya, anyone?), I was really worried this would be the last season. And if you’re thinking I’m a hypocrite because two seconds ago I declared that “end of world” or “final battle” type situations should mean the end of a show, to you I say… you’ve clearly never seen The 100! They could get renewed for 8 more seasons and I’d say, “Yup, Rothenberg can totally handle that.” 

This list isn’t particularly long because I’m not a massive fan on network TV. However if you’re a CBS/NBC/ABC junkie, check out a complete list of renewals and cancellations on Hypable. Although I’m annoyed that Once Upon a Time was renewed because I am a masochist and will probably make myself suffer through it, I will at least be grateful that none of the few network shows I love were cancelled. 

Did any of your favorites get the axe?

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