Tagged! 25 Facts About Me

Tag! I’m it? Miss AReadingCat tagged me in the 25 Facts About Me Challenge. You can check out hers here, and you may as well take a peek around her blog because it’s pretty awesome. I love reading everything she writes.

My nominees are: Josh of Monday Morning Movie Quarterback, Klinta of Bookowly, and Vaness of WanderlustPlusOne!

I’m going to try to stick to things that aren’t totally obvious by now. Let me know if we have anything in common!


I have always wanted to faint. I bear no delusions that it would be fun, but I see and hear so much about it that I am genuinely curious what it’s like

I can play the flute reasonably well. 

I am TERRIFIED of the dark. I can’t even articulate why. But if I am suddenly plunged into complete darkness (yes, it’s happened) I will panic.

Items on my bucket list include: skydive, watch the Northern Lights from an igloo in Iceland, visit all 7 continents, and write a novel. 

If I had to choose any other profession, I would work for a travel agency. I love planning trips. Researching activities, finding hotels and airbnbs, putting together itineraries… some people hate it but I live for it.

I have an addiction to Chipotle. It is a serious problem. If chicken and guac burritos didn’t have approximately 12,000 calories, I would eat one for every single meal. 

I own three Harry Potter wands. Harry’s, a light up version of Hermione’s, and a custom wand that chose me at Ollivander’s. Not sorry.

Bacon and cucumbers are my least favorite foods. Especially bacon! Ew!!

When I was 12 I got a small splinter on the back of my right leg from my garage door. It’s definitely still in there.

When I was two, my mom accidentally dislocated my shoulder at the grocery store.

When I was five, my uncle was helping me on the monkey bars. He got distracted and dropped me. I broke my elbow.

When I was ten my dad tackled me too hard while playing football in our front yard, and he broke my index finger.

When I was thirteen, I was playing soccer at school and some kid tried to kick the ball away from me. Instead he kicked me and broke my ankle. 

There is no mathematical formula to count how many times I’ve listened to Hamilton. “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?” 

I cannot whistle.

Proud to be a lifelong member of Seminole Nation! Florida State, forever!

Even if I’m not tired, I can shut myself down like a computer and fall asleep anywhere, no matter the situation or noise level.

I have seen Batman: The Dark Knight so many times that I can confidently recite a solid 80% of the dialogue.

Favorite dessert: anything with chocolate and raspberry!

Chronic nail biter, party of one.

I have no clue why Hounds of the Baskervilles is so popular. It’s the worst and most predictable Sherlock Holmes story of all (come at me, literary bloggers). A Study in Scarlet is where it’s at! Oh, the fact is that I love Sherlock Holmes. 

I hate socks. I’ll wear them for obvious hygienic reasons. But I hate them.

My perfect evening: cold night, hot cocoa, scented candles and fairy lights, Chamber of Secrets on low in the background, curled up in a squishy arm chair with a book.

Favorite music: Panic! at the Disco, Sia, and Linkin Park (RIP 😥 )

Jimmy Fallon is actually my soulmate. One day I will be Mrs. Alexa Fallon.


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