Adopting A Kitten – Meet Loki

August 5th, 2018 is a day that will live in infamy.

“Want to go to the Broward Humane Society? Just to look.”

“Okay. Just to look.”

Famous last words, right? Gabe and I swore we’d wait a full year after moving in together before the big step of getting a pet. Fast forward 5 months, and we’re driving home from “just looking” at the Humane Society with a barely 3-month-old kitten meowing in a cardboard box. The night before we had been watching Thor: Ragnarök, and since I’ve always loved mythology anyways, we named the little guy Loki.

We nearly missed our chance to get him! Loki was 1 of 3 cats we chose to “meet” after walking through all the cages (which was heartbreaking).  The administrator told us “Takeshi” (as Loki was known back then) was already meeting with another family. Well, naturally a kitten that cute would be chosen instantly. We mutually pretended not to care and met the other cats. They were perfectly lovely, but we didn’t feel a strong bond. Gabe and I were about to leave when the administrator came back and said, “Takeshi wasn’t adopted, do you still want to meet him?”

Not to be dramatic, but Loki is the most friendly and cuddly kitten to ever live. Within 2 minutes of meeting him, he had curled into both of our laps and given us kisses. We knew he was ours without a word.

Loki came home the next day and instantly took to his new home. There were a few days of tip toeing around (every single noise made him jump), but the affection started the moment he walked out of his cardboard box and never stopped. His favorite place to sleep is either in our arms or curled up against one of our faces. It’s even better than it sounds. 

Now that he’s here, I can’t even remember life without him. I had a pair cats when I was young(rest in peace, Spencer and DaVinci), and I still remember them with a lot of love. But I was a child, and obviously my father was “supporting” them (and me). Loki is different. He is ours. We chose him, we provide for him, we care for him. He’s our baby. I know he’s not a human, but I feel so much love and affection for him that my heart has truly grown since he joined the family. 

Sometimes I remember that we only got Loki because someone out there abandoned him, he happened to be brought to the shelter near us, Gabe and I went on the day we did, and the family that met him first (for some insane reason) chose not to take him. Anything could’ve gone differently, and we’d have no Loki. Don’t judge me, but I could nearly cry thinking about that (okay, I’m judging me). 

We haven’t even had him long, and I already want to get him a sibling! I’m officially a Crazy Cat Lady, and I couldn’t be happier. 

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