Bakes: Triple Chocolate Cookies

Whipping up treats from Tanya Burr’s baking book Tanya Bakes has quickly become my Sunday afternoon relaxation. The first recipe I ever made from it was the triple chocolate cookies, and I’ve now made them so many times I consider myself an expert.

Funnily enough, Tanya writes in her book that this recipe is based off the chocolate chunk cookies from Ben’s in London. Ben’s cookies were my absolute favorite sweet treat from my time in London, and the fact that I can now recreate them at will is a little bit dangerous.

Her recipe is tried and true, and I don’t have any substitutions! Use it to make up your cookie dough, and roll them into balls. I have tried this recipe with quite a few variations of cookie size. I’ve done 20 “average” size cookies, massive cake-like cookies, and everything in between.

Without question, the best results come from splitting the dough into 11 massive balls of dough. Place them on a parchment paper, leaving plenty of room for them to grow. Trust me – they will grow!

Tanya says to bake them for 11 minutes, but I find you can get away with 13. The most important thing to drill into your head is that they won’t look like they’re done. At the end of baking they’ll still look at feel quite mushy.

Learn from my mistakes, and don’t let this fool you into over-baking until they burn on the bottom and wreck the whole flavor. Take them out, and don’t touch them. Leave them to cool for at least 10 minutes and they’ll harden on their own. I promise!

You’ll soon have the richest, most mouth-watering chocolate cookies you can get outside of a Ben’s shop. I may not technically be illegal to eat this without a cold glass of milk, but it probably should be.

Once you have the base recipe for these cookies down, dress them up however you like! If you have a sweet-tooth that just can’t be stopped, or you just want to make them look a little more special, go the extra mile and melt some white chocolate in a glass dish over a boiling pot (just be sure the glass isn’t touching the water). Once it’s melted and gooey, drizzle it over your cookies! Difficult as it will be, wait just a few minutes for the chocolate glaze to set before digging in.

Want to knock the socks off everyone at your next Halloween party? Pipe some pumpkins, ghosts, witches hats, or anything you like on top in colored frosting! When you make the cookies this big, you have plenty of room to get as elaborate as you dare on the decoration.

Bake the world a better place with triple chocolate cookies!


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