Write and Wrong

Today's gonna be a great day. I can and I will.

Alexa Ofelia

Amateur baker. Advanced book & television binger.

Seasoned traveler. Crazy cat lady. Oxford comma enthusiast.

Cuban & Italian. Rhode Island born. South Florida raised.

Proud Florida State University Graduate – Go Noles!

I’ve read the Harry Potter series 10 times. My favorite foods are mac and cheese and cinnamon roles. I hate bacon and cucumbers. The best feeling on earth is being so tightly gripped by a book you stay awake through squinty eyes just to see what happens next. The best sound ever is a cat (particularly, mine) purring. My worst habits are nail-biting and over-planning. My stomach doesn’t drop on rollercoasters, but fills with excited butterflies my first time exploring a new city. My biggest pet peeve is anybody who makes someone feel stupid/silly/embarrassed for being excited about something. When I went skydiving I looked down from 13.5K feet in the air, smiled, and jumped

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